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image  1 Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring, renewal and hope
April 11, 2023

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring, renewal and hope 🌸 — and they also happen to make for great photos. These photos were taken with a Pixel 7 Pro in #Tokyo by and you can use these tips to take your own cherry blossom shots:🌸 Be sure to tap your Pixel’s screen when you’re in camera mode to use the Shadow and Brightness sliders, as well as the temperature slider. You can adjust to find the hue and contrast you like depending on factors like the time of day and how overcast or sunny it is outside.🌸 Intricate flowers are a perfect opportunity to use Pixel’s Macro Focus. All you have to do is get close to your subject and look for the flower icon to appear — then tap your shutter to snap the pic. Play around with focus, too, switching between the foreground and background to find some variety in your photos. 🌸 You probably won’t be the only one taking cherry blossom photos, but don’t get discouraged by a crowd. Use it to your advantage and opt for a dynamic motion blur effect by using the Long Exposure feature.🌸 Obviously cherry blossoms look beautiful on a warm, sunny day — but don’t sleep on late night photos! Use Night Sight to capture crisp, vibrant floral shots, too. Plus, you’re more likely to avoid those aforementioned crowds.#cherryblossom
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