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July 4, 2022

Hey robot, go and get the door. Sorry, We was trying to give you a sneak of today's video. Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech You might not believe it, but yes, you can carry a whole meal bowl in the smallest space of your pocket or bag. Too hot to drive? This thing is here to help you get the temperature right. You know what? We guess you have to stay to the end to see a list of 10 incredible gadgets you will love to buy.

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Fingerbot Sense - || (Paid Link) (Alternative)
Powerpaw 600 -
Lik Air Purifier - || (Paid Link) (Alternative)
VaultPack - || (Paid Link) (Alternative)
Modl Infinity Tool -
Maxtand - (Paid Link)
HYDAWAY Collapsible Camp Bowls - (Paid Link) (Alternative)
Two Stroke Engine Fidget Spinner -
Mount -
iLIKE Ice Car Cushion - ||

Lensko_Lets -

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0:00 Introduction
0:27 Fingerbot Sense
1:17 Powerpaw 600
2:09 Lik Air Purifier
2:58 VaultPack
3:40 Modl Infinity Tool
4:24 Maxtand
5:17 HYDAWAY Collapsible Camp Bowls
5:53 Two Stroke Engine Fidget Spinner
6:33 Mount
7:20 iLIKE Ice Car Cushion

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