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June 21, 2022

Electric last-mile delivery vans are the unsexy next big thing in electric transportation, and they’re happening now.

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0:00 Electric Last Mile Delivery
1:09 Torque was Made for Electric Vans
1:52 Going Slow, Start, Stop Doesn't Hurt an Electric Vehicle
2:22 Less Range Anxiety
3:22 Return on Investment is a Lot Easier with an Electric Delivery Van Than Your Car
4:20 EV Designs Include Low Flat Floors, Making it Easier and More Efficient for Delivery Workers
5:15 Amazon Orders Electric Vans From Rivian and Ram, FedEx, UPS, DHL Include Electric Vans in Their Fleets
6:32 The Driving Reasons for Electric Delivery Vans and Electric Delivery Trucks

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