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August 19, 2022

Bridget Carey goes on a quest to learn more about the trend of NFT art by visiting conventions and galleries. It was not what she expected.

Thanks to everyone who took time to talk with and share their projects to help better understand this complicated new tech frontier. If you'd like to learn more about the exhibits and projects shown, check out the links below:

To learn about art on display at Samsung store:
Large NFT sculptures created by:
NFT busts and chess sets created by:
Play the Nifty League video game:
See NFT displayed @Ease 605 3rd Avenue:
More on Kenneth Alexander’s work:
Explore Fvckrender’s Lvcidia:

00:00 Intro
1:22 Simple NFT explaination
1:48 NFT questions and skepticism
2:11 Inside NFT art gallery inside Samsung's NYC store
3:13 Artist Ben Heim talks about his work
3:46 ArtRepublic CEO and NFT curator Jessica Santiago
4:14 Visiting the NFT.NYC convention
4:45 Nifty League NFT video game
5:42 Are NFTs about more than making money?
6:03 Artist Kenneth Alexander explains how NFTs help digital art
7:16 Inside the Web3 Gallery retail store with CEO Nick Rotola
8:30 Making a bet on the next big thing
9:00 Artist Fvckrender gives NFT advice at his Lvcidia art show
10:39 Buying NFTs without crypto on Nifty Gateway
11:08 final thoughts on the future of NFT art

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