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July 22, 2022

Pixel 6A vs. iPhone SE: We did a camera comparison between two of the bet sub-$500 phones you can buy.
You can find the phones in this camera comparison here👇
Apple iPhone SE:
Google Pixel 6A:
*CNET may get a commission from this offer

We wanted to find out if it was possible for phones to be both affordable and take great photos and videos. Keep in mind that both Apple and Google use machine learning and processing to counter the limitations from their tiny lenses and camera sensors. The results were surprising as one phone consistently did better than the other.

For more check out the full written Pixel 6A vs. iPhone SE Camera test👇

00:00 iPhone SE vs Pixel 6A
01:08 Cameras and Settings
03:12 Photo Comparison
03:42 Favorite Photos
04:10 Side-by-Side Photo Comparison
05:36 Ultrawide Angle Lens
06:09 Digital Zoom
06:34 Indoor Lighting
07:14 Portrait Mode
08:41 Night Sight
09:50 Selfie Camera
10:33 Favorite Videos
11:14 Side-by-Side Video Comparison
12:13 Image Stabilization
12:56 Conclusion

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