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July 10, 2022

We may get self-driving big rigs on the road before autonomous personal cars because it just makes more sense.

0:00 Self-Driving Big Rigs
0:29 Aurora Horizon Self-Driving Tech
1:31 Einride Autonomous Pod and Electric Trailer
2:23 Embark Trucks Self-Driving Tech
3:16 Kodiak Robotics Autonomous Equipment Failures
4:04 Locomation Self-Driving Convoys
5:14 Plus AI Self-Driving Trucks
5:48 Torc Robotics Darpa Challenge 2007 Autonomous Tech
6:54 TuSimple Self-Driving Routes and Depots
7:55 Waymo VIA Self-Driving Tech Partnered With Uber
8:50 Self-Driving Trucks Will Arrive in 2023

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