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July 25, 2022

Should you spend $150, $80 or $40 on an air fryer? Let's find the best air fryer!
Check out the air fryer competitors👇
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0:00 Best Air Fryers
0:53 Ninja vs Chefman vs Philips Air Fryer
2:17 French Fry Cook Test
3:25 Taste Testing Fries
6:17 Best Air Fryer For Fries
7:08 Chicken Wing Cook Test
9:15 Taste Testing Chicken Wings
11:25 Best Air Fryer for Wings
12:07 Cooking Dessert In Air Fryer?!
12:55 Chocolate Lava Cake Cook Test
14:05 Taste Testing Air Fryer Lava Cake
15:48 Best Air Fryers: Cheap vs Expensive
18:25 Cleaning & Off-Gassing Air Fryer

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