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July 11, 2022

Hi guys, welcome to The Future is Now, It's a hot day? Grab this mug to instantly cool your body. Well, We've got a couple of incredible gadgets like these two small magnetic things that can serve as a laptop stand and even multiple charging ports. You also have a personal assistant with this tiny robot. There is more to talk about. Just stick to the end of the video as We show you about 10 next-level gadgets available online.

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Lava 3

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Plen Cube

Daewoo Mini (Alternative) (Paid Link) (Alternative)

Helio Solar Light and Powerbank (Paid Link) (Alternative) (Alternative)

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0:00 Introduction
0:31 ACMug
1:33 J Cube
2:22 Vue Lite
3:10 Lava 3
3:51 OraSaifu
4:46 BoxLock Home
5:33 Flasher
6:19 Plen Cube
7:04 Daewoo Mini
7:51 Helio Solar Light and Powerbank

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